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HD 48022  &  HD 72050 Su-27 S/SK/UB "exotic Flankers" now available !

We have just released a fully updated version of this very popular, long sold out sheet, covering the mighty Flanker as flown in Angola, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Indonesia. 


HD 48034  &  HD 72064  

F-86F-25/30 (F-40 wing) Sabre 

are now available!   


This sheet contains markings for 4 colorful aircraft never previously covered in decal form:                                                                                                                                 - F-86F Sabre, Imperial Iranian AF in NMF finish & United Nations markings,                    

- F-86F Sabre, Imperial Iranian AF in Asia Minor camouflage,                                          

- F-86F Sabre, Imperial Ethiopian AF in Asia Minor camouflage (former IIAF a/c),            

- F-86F Sabre, Philippine AF in tree tone camouflage.


Our sheet HD 48016 & HD 72052 F-5E/F Tiger II/Azarakhsh reviewed on Hyperscale:



HD 48028  &  HD 72058 

Turkish Air Force F-4E / F-4ETM / RF-4 ETM Phantom IIs                              

are now available: