Hi-Decal: Quality Model Decals for the Discerning Modeller

Hi-Decal offers, since 1990, a wide collection of 1/72 and 1/48 scale decals for the discerning aircraft modeller.

We are specialized in military aircraft from the period between 1945 an 2017. Each set contains a decal sheet and detailed instructions for decal placement and color schemes.

Our main goal is to offer to the modeller interesting, well researched subjects not previously available in decal form, and to cover aircraft in service not only in the "biggest" world air forces, but also serving with smaller air arms from around the globe.

We hope you will enjoy the visit.

F-14A Tomcat Iranian Air Force - Hasegawa 1/48th scale  model kit by Jan Sairanen with our decal sheet HD 48021   (HD 72051 for 1/72 scale)

Main photo: Iranian "big three" from the Iraq-Iran War F-14A, F-4E, F-5E.              1/48th scale models and photo: Jan Sairanen.

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